4E: The Platinum Covenant

Session 0.1 - Kick the Door In

At the Gates of the Temple of Gilgeam

The adventure began with the heroes Dak, Meavoi, Schmiel, and Fokk finishing a long climb of thousands of stairs to the top of the temple they had been assigned to clear of kobolds by Lord Tuanek in Ruinspoke.

The characters took a moment to survey the architecture- Dak noticed that it was Untheric in origin, making this a largely intact temple to a god of the Untheric pantheon. He also sensed a faint magical aura emanating from a small cubby set into the wall on the left side of the door.

Meavoi had just begin to examine the cubby when Dak suddenly shoved his hand in… and was torched by a fireball that erupted from the hole. Sensing that the element of surprise could be slipping away, Meavoi wasted no time in delivering his boot to the large wooden door into the temple… but, the doors stood fast. Whispering in Draconic from the other side of the door gave the heroes the impression that they were now expected.

A few moments were spent hacking a hole in the old wooden doors before Fokk reached into the hole and unbarred the door from the inside. By that time, the antechamber within appeared to be abandoned. Fokk, uncertain of what to do next, wandered into the antechamber and was suddenly ambushed by a pair of Kobolds in scale armor. No sooner was Fokk locked into melee than the leader of the ambush force, a Wyrmpriest in caster’s robes, revealed himself from behind a pillar and began channeling streams of acid into Fokk’s hide.

Meavoi, intending to disable the Wyrmpriest, evaded the melee and narrowly dodged an alchemical slingpot from another Kobold taking cover behind a pillar. Fokk was not so lucky- a gluepot hit him solidly in the chest, sticking him to the ground.

Rather than take their chances with Fokk, the two armored Kobolds moved to engage Dak and Schmiel, who had been firing into the melee from outside the temple. Unfortunately, they underestimated their foes- Dak sent one of the Kobolds tumbling down the miles-long staircase and Schmiel delivered an arrow shaft between the eyes of her prey.

Meanwhile, within, Meavoi had just weathered a vicious blast of acid breath from the Wyrmpriest to deliver the killing blow. The sling-wielding kobold, empty of alchemical slingpots and completely alone, warily eyed the adventurers slowly closing in on him, and made his hasty escape deeper into the temple. The adventurers took a few moments to bandage their wounds and moved to follow him.



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