4E: The Platinum Covenant

Session 0.2 - The Vigil Chamber

Within the Temple of Gilgeam

The party had just begun to track the Kobold slinger that escaped, when Manara appeared in a sudden flash of light. Meavoi and Manara began to interrogate each other simultaneously, but Dak lost interest and continued to track the Kobold down the hallway, and left at a T-Junction.

Schmiel attempted to question Manara as well, but unfortunately for her, Fokk had recently noticed her highly portable size and had decided to make her his familiar- a concept which he was only halfway familiar with. He certain it was like a pet, but it didn’t need to be housebroken. He had decided to call her “Fluffy”.

Further down the hallway, Dak followed the tracks around a corner and spotted another Wyrmpriest about 15 yards down the hallway, prepared for him. Dak charged halfway down the hallway, and propelled all of his mental stamina into a single blow. The Wyrmpriest flew back fifteen feet, and his body was held against the wall for a moment, the force crushing him deeper into the stone as ribs cracked and organs collapsed. At last, Dak released the Kobold, and it took the opportunity to scramble into cover- Dak made chase, attempting to finish the Kobold off.

As he reached the entrance of the room, a wall of radiant light sprung up across the threshold. He spotted the Wyrmpriest fiddle with a small, odd-shaped wand and tuck it into his robes. The room past the wall appeared to be some sort of sanctuary- a dais in the center of the room was raised several feet above the floor and had a small bit of shin-high masonry with a slot in the top on one edge. 10 or 15 feet in front of the dais was a fountain, in which water filled a bowl held by some sort of demon creature. Around the edge of the room, six mostly-broken statues faced the dais and wielded huge adamantine swords that came up to their chest when driven point-first into the floor. The barrier of light across the doorway was drawn between the swords of two of the statues that flanked the entrance to the room.

No sooner had Dak surveyed the room than he noticed that the room had a half dozen more Kobolds than he had anticipated. Three Kobolds with long spears set their spears against Dak and formed a wall in front of the Wyrmpriest, shoulder to shoulder. Four ragged Kobold peasants hefted javelins at their shoulders and heaved them through the barrier! Dak threw himself backwards and back up the hallway, fleeing from danger. He felt a javelin whistle narrowly by his head, and the clatter of three more behind him.

Down the hallway, the rest of the party heard the sounds of battle and immediately sprung into action. Meavoi and Manara stormed down the hall after Dak, but Schmiel was being doted on by an oblivious Fokk and could not get away. Manara asked Schmiel if she needed any help as she passed, but Schmiel’s mistrust for the sudden ally got the better of her and she decided to try to escape Fokk on her own.

Manara and Meavoi turned the corner in the hallway and saw Dak fleeing toward them as another volley of javelins caught him from behind, piercing him in the flank and shoulder. Meavoi shouldered his way to the front of the party as the radiant barrier was temporarily disabled to allow the three longspear-carrying Kobolds through.

Meavoi charged forward to meet them in the middle of the hallway, and they joined in battle. Manara wielded her holy symbol as a weapon and called down holy fire upon the spear bearers, even as she healed Dak’s javelin wounds. Dak continued to pummel the spear bearers with barrages of psionic energy, forcing them back and blunting their advance. Even still, the heroes were forced to fall back to the corner of the hallway.

Meanwhile, Schmiel had just managed to escape Fokk’s grasp and ran down the hall to join the party with Fokk scrambling to catch up. “Come back, Fluffy!” he shouted, with tears in his eyes. Schmiel ran to the end of the hall, saw the Kobolds, and began firing her weapon, immediately ending one with an arrow shaft between the eyes before Fokk caught up to her. Seeing the danger of allowing Fokk to take Schmiel out of the battle again, Manara pointed at the remaining to spear bearers and shouted, “Fokk! They want to take away your fluffy!” Immediately, Fokk boiled over in uncontained range and charged the Kobolds, slicing the first cleanly in two at the waist. Meavoi spun around the final spear bearer, and plunged his greatsword into its back and out through its stomach.

Immediately, Meavoi looked down the hallway and saw that the barrier of light had been lifted- he sprinted down the hallway and turned the corner to see four Kobold peasants with javelins standing guard in front of the wounded Wyrmpriest, who was barely managing to stay vertical. He didn’t realize how badly he’d miscalculated until the barrier sprung up over the door he’d walked in from. The Wyrmpriest tucked away a strange-looking wand as the Kobold peasants charged.

Meavoi easily dodged the first few blows from the untrained peasants, but they managed to get some quick jabs that got behind his armor and broke the skin. Outside the room, the rest of the heroes crowded around the barrier, trying to use anything they could to assist Meavoi. Schmiel reached into her sleeve and removed an orb of power. She spoke a few words of power, and flames erupted in the room and engulfed two of the peasants, charring them to a crisp. A hole having opened for him Meavoi spun two steps toward the Wyrmpriest, dodging blows and putting all of




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