Lord of Ruinspoke, of House Jalt


A Level 8 Red Dragonborn Soldier.


Tuanek is the lord of the Frontier town Ruinspoke, one of the largest such towns in Tymanther. Like most frontier towns, the management of the town’s bureaucracy and economy is left to a selected individual of House Jalt, where the defense of the town is handled under a separate chain of command.

Due to the lack of troops available to the town, and his powerlessness to manage such resources himself, Tuanek has taken to building high-quality fortifications to encourage the Tymanther military to quarter troops in the town, and hiring mercenaries to handle more aggressive maneuvers.

Along that vein, Tuanek has hired the party to clear Kobolds who have been raiding Ruinspoke from a temple atop Ruinspoke Mountain. He will be offering 300 gold upon completion of the task.


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