The Kobolds of Ruinspoke Mountain

The Kobolds atop Ruinspoke Mountain have holed up inside a ruined Temple of Gilgeam which has been abandoned for hundreds of years. From this headquarters, they have mounted ambushes against caravans and travellers, raids against outlying farms, and even short assaults on Ruinspoke itself.

The regent of Ruinspoke has hired several adventuring bands to flush out the Kobolds, but all attempts to remove them have so far failed. It is possible that there is more to the Kobold band than a small-time raiding operation.

In the Adventure

Meavoi, Dak, and Schmiel were hired by Lord Tuanek to clear the Kobolds from the temple for 300 gold. They were the fourth party to be hired for the task. Outside the temple, they met Fokk, and recruited him to their cause. After busting in the temple door and establishing a foothold, Manara appeared in an unsettling flash of light and began to assist against the Kobold threat.

The adventuring party from Tymanther has fought their way into the Untheric Jungle within the ruined cathedral, but no signs of the Kobolds’ intentions have been found.

The Kobolds of Ruinspoke Mountain

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